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About Legacy Wealth & Corporate Services

Independent and truly global, Legacy Wealth & Corporate Services is a tailor made solution firm for Corporate Services, Alternative Investments and financial & banking advisory.

Our team and global network has long track record in each area we advise.

With a unique understanding of the complexities of making business and invest around the world, helped us to develop  robusts and consistents solutions that create value for our clients.

We are focused on the quest for growth and commited with the code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.

Our approach, employing factor investing strategy, exposing investors to risk factors with a sound economic foundation, rigorous academic and industry reserch to support their presence added to 35-year professional expertise in the aviation industry, has consistently delivered high mean and positive-skewed payoffs in mispriced aviation assets investments.

Arbitrage opportunities are also captured by our team, providing attractive return during good and bad times.



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Aviation Assets Management

Managed Futures

Investor Services

Wealth Planning


Real Assets

Natural Resources and Land

Commodities – Foward, Futures and Options on Futures

Real Estate

  • Listed:
    • REIT´s and ETF´s
  • Unlisted:
    • Privately Held Real Estate
    • Open-end and Closed-end Real Estate Funds
    • Funds of Funds
  • Real Estate Derivatives:
    • Futures on Indices
  • Open-end and Closed-end Mutual Funds

Infraestructure Assets

  • Debt
  • Equity:
    • Private Funds
    • Public Traded Funds
    • Direct Deals
    • Public Traded Infraestructure Companies

Intelectual Property ( IP ): Acquisition and Licensing Strategies

Hedge Funds and Managed Futures

Private Equity – Equity and Debt

Strucutured Products

Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives

Weather and Climate derivatives. Brazillian Market

Equity Linked Structured Products

and Banking


Our goal is to educate and help our clients to make better informed risk decisions “creating a culture of risk awareness”.

Focus on executive aviation ( Global ), industrial plants and infrastructure projects ( Brazil ).

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+1(561) 826-4884